Water supply and Sanitation - Operation & Maintenance:

The most important task related to operational water supply and sanitation conveyance systems is appropriate OPERATION & MAINTENANCE procedures. Neglecting to engage such procedures, results in systems that have to be refurbished at extremely high costs or at the worst be replaced completely.

Municipalities for example are in many instances burdened with staff and equipment shortages, and do not always realize that although the water and sewer services are buried they still require periodic maintenance!

By implementing an active maintenance program, the life-expectancy of the service is extended, the capacity is maintained, and the need for expensive repairs, replacements or augmentation is deferred - capital expenditure may be applied elsewhere.

Infraburo is involved with the design, evaluation and construction supervision of water and sanitation schemes on a daily basis. With over 50 years' water and sewerage related experience contained within the company, Infraburo remains actively involved with installations - we know how troublesome it can be if valves do not close, reservoirs run empty, chambers are not accessible, pump stations become out of service, or when blockages in sewer networks result in health and hygiene risks to communities.

Infraburo has recognized the above as an opportunity to become involved with communities and render a service in this regard. A simple solution is offered - harnessing of:
Experience & knowledge (Infraburo)
Back-up service and assistance from material/component suppliers (VALVES, PUMPS, PIPES etc)
Local knowledge, experience and existing structures utilized by Municipalities - help desks and call centers for example.

The following challenging questions are often asked:
How often should we service our valves?
Do the suppliers keep emergency stock?
How much emergency stock do we keep?
What are the service intervals of our pumps?
How is water meter maintenance done?
Should we flush our sewers even if they are not blocked?

Infraburo firmly believes in, and is committed to implementing a system which is simple in approach, but offers maximum returns to municipalities in terms of peace of mind and deferred capital expenditure.

Our vision includes the following strategies:
Incorporate an optimal operation & maintenance approach for each individual and unique supply scheme.
Devise alternative methods and suggestions to further an holistic overall improved system.
Incorporate all existing systems and procedures already utilized by the Water Service Provider.
Engage in hands-on practical field exercises and reconnaissance efforts with the operations staff to ascertain their problems and provide suitable solutions.
Design actual solutions for each individual Service Provider that will work around his specific components and problems.
The correct maintenance actions taken before an emergency arises are inexpensive and may save millions in terms of money and effort.
Failing to implement these actions may result in large communities being without water for days or serious health impacts due to sewer networks that become blocked.
In addition to the above Infraburo can provide a mapping service to assist Municipalities to keep their as-built information updated and as recent as possible.


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