Flow and Pressure Logging:

Efficient and accurate monitoring and subsequent evaluation of water supply systems is the only way to ensure that acceptable levels of service to consumers are maintained.

While Infraburo remains focused on Consulting Engineering as their core business, their vision includes keeping abreast of new technological developments in all spheres and service lines related to their existing and prospective Clients' needs. With this in mind, Infraburo has made investments in terms of state of the art hardware/equipment, software as well as personnel training to assist Municipalities, Service Providers or any other institution involved in the potable water industry - to manage their water resources and conveyance systems more efficiently.

The above includes amongst others the acquisition of the latest technology in terms of data loggers, pressure sensors with various ranges as well as a variety of reed switches each with a specific application e.g. monitoring of minimum night flows, leak detection and determining peak flows. Pressure logging is another activity which provides a wealth of information regarding zone discreetness and supply sources.
Standard pressure gauging equipment for measurements at draw-off points such as domestic taps and fire hydrants are available from Infraburo - these kits are also purpose made and can be assembled for the Client for future use if required. The equipment is also available on a rental basis.
The specialized type of equipment utilized is specifically objective-driven and therefore expensive. Purchasing the equipment is not always warranted and Infraburo also provides a rental service to overcome, and prevent capital expenditure on behalf of the Client. Alternatively a comprehensive rental, evaluation and reporting service may be offered or the equipment alone may be leased on a daily basis if required.
As the appointed Consulting Engineer on various water loss and system management projects, Infraburo has rendered data logging services to the Department of Public Works at:
Pretoria Central Prison
SA Police College
Thaba Tshwane (Voortrekkerhoogte)
Weskoppies Maximum Security Hospital
Dedicated personnel are available from various locations throughout Southern Africa to assist clients and provide the service required. The service is offered to clients in all spheres from Water Service Providers to other Consulting Engineers.
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