Infraburo provides the following engineering services:

Project management from the inception of a project through all the phases of the project cycle up to its implementation and handing over to the client or community.
The design, documentation, construction management and supervision of projects.
Feasibility studies and Master Planning.
Water loss detection and management. (read more)
Hydraulic analysis of existing water supply networks and schemes with the purpose of optimising the performance of the scheme or network.
Refurbishment of rural water supply and networks.
Rehabilitation of existing road infrastructure as well as condition assessment thereof.
Design, construction management and supervision over the construction of rural, urban and provincial roads including all associated structures.
Municipal infrastructure for township development and low cost housing projects.
Design and implementation of projects involving labour intensive construction methods such as roads, water reticulation and sewer drainage systems.
Design and implementation of community based projects where the implementation is undertaken by the communities themselves.
Rural Water Supply and Sanitation
Water Supply and Sanitation - Operation & Maintenance read more
Health and Safety Services read more
Institutional Capacity - WSA & WSP capacity development                                Making the difference