Client: Northern Province Roads Agency - NPRA
Funder: National Government
Project Location: All three roads are situated in the area south of Tzaneen in the Limpopo Province
Project Value: R 4.50 million
Services: Planning, design and construction supervision
Project Period: October 2000 to March 2001

Repairs to Flood Damaged Infrastructure: Second Initiative Roads D523, D589 & D673

During the severe floods experienced during the first quarter of 2000 in the Limpopo Province, extensive damage was caused to the road infrastructure in the province.

The primary objective of the project was to carry out repairs to flood damaged roads in the vicinity of Tzaneen.

One of the major challenges of the project was to complete the work before the end of March 2001. In order to fast track the process, the project managers requested rate only tenders from several civil engineering contractors, and rates were agreed upon with all the Contractors before the Consulting team was appointed. With the appointment of the consulting team, a Contractor was allocated to each specific project.
A Scope of Work Report had to be submitted to the client indicating the work that will be carried out as well as a budget for the proposed work, which had to be within the allocated budget for the project.
Typical damaged which occurred during the heavy downpours over prolonged periods, was the failure of side fills and the slopes of deep cuttings on Roads D523 and D589. On Road D673 one culvert was washed away while another collapsed. The majority of the work on Road D673 consisted of pothole and base repairs. The Geotechnical division of Messrs ARQ Specialist Consulting Engineers, assisted with the designs of the enviro-wall retaining walls used on the project to ensure the stability of some of the slopes.
The tender documents for the project were based on the Targeted Procurement policy of the National Government, which ensures the maximization of the labour content as well as the involvement of Affirmable Business Enterprises (ABE's) on the project. All prescribed targets relating to the use of labour and ABE's were met during the construction period.                                Making the difference


Repairs to Flood Damaged Infrastructure: Roads D523, D589 & D673