Description: Community Sanitation Projects in 45 villages as well as
School Sanitation Projects at 7 schools

Client: Mvula Trust, CSIR, DWAF
Funder: DWAF
Project Location: The above-mentioned sanitation projects are located in a number of villages in several Local Municipal areas within the following four (4) District Municipalities in the Limpopo Province:
- Vhembe District Municipality
- Capricorn District Municipality
- Mopani District Municipality
- Sekhukhune District Municipality
Project Value: R 2.5 million
Services: Planning, Design, Technical and Financial Training, Construction management, supervision and implementation
Project Period: 1997 to 2002

The objective of the projects was to improve health and hygiene standards in the various communities through training and implementation of suitable on-site sanitation facilities.The success of the projects hinged around the training of the communities in the following disciplines:
Health & Hygiene, Basic Bookkeeping, Storekeeping, Training in Construction, Operation & Maintenance

Community involvement:
All sanitation projects implemented were community driven and no contractors were involved with the implementation of the projects. With the necessary skills transfer, the committees were equipped with the knowledge to manage all the different stages and aspects of the projects.

The Project Steering Committees established in each of the villages, identified individuals within their communities who were interested to undergo training in construction of the sanitation facilities.

Such individuals, whom were mostly women, received theoretical and practical training. Theoretical training manuals indicating step-by-step instructions on how to construct the different sanitation facilities were issued during training sessions, while practical training sessions entailed the physical construction of the different sanitation facilities under supervision of Infraburo.                                Making the difference


Community and School Sanitation Projects