Client & Funder: Department of Public Works
Project Location: Tshwane Pretoria Central Prison
Project Value: R 2 million (estimated)
Services: Planning, design, imple-mentation, project & construction monitoring
Project Period: June 2001 - currently

Due to excessive night flows (and extremely high monthly accounts) through the municipal water meter, Infraburo was appointed by the Department of Public Works to conduct a Water Loss study at the Pretoria Central Prison and surrounding areas.

The initial scope of the project entailed the implementation of basic maintenance actions to improve the integrity of the system- it has since evolved into a holistic water loss management programme which is actively driven by Infraburo-personnel on a daily basis. The study has also recently been extended by the Department of Public Works to include the SA Police Training College.

In general terms, the system and components were in dire need of emergency and corrective maintenance. Isolating, air and control valves were initially serviced/replaced in an effort to render the system at least operable.

A major hurdle that was overcome was the lack of as-built information of the system. A twofold solution was immediately implemented by compiling electronic drawings and models- addressing the immediate needs of the project, and to establish record drawings for the Client for future use - updated schematic drawings of the system is still being compiled and updated on an ongoing basis.

The crux of the programme lies in monitoring the entire supply area in sub-divided management zones or districts. Each district has been equipped with a dedicated district water meter to ascertain the night flow by data logging. The results obtained from data loggers are evaluated and interpreted regularly, the direct results of remedial measures are noticeable within reasonable time.

During the first 6 months after implementation for example - the night flow was reduced by ± 40 %. Projected over one year, a calculated saving of approximately R 3,65 million.
Various considerations are currently being explored such as pipe replacement contracts, pressure management, incorporation of municipal pipelines into the Public Works system and an ongoing water supply management system.

Some of the deliverables of the project include:
Increased knowledge of how the system is being operated and maintained.
Resource requirements and motivation for increased budgets.
Budget and resource requirement forecasting and benchmarking.
Future O & M requirements.
Water Audit Report
Water loss management is furthermore regarded as a development mechanism for O & M staff as well as a basic asset management tool, which undoubtedly forms the basis for a number of service delivery initiatives required by Government i.e. WSDP etc.                                Making the difference


Water Loss Management - Pretoria Central Prison & SA Police College